How old is Charlie?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bath time

I've had to write this post because Charlie is still too stressed out to compose himself. Bath time is now known as Screaming Time! Charlie is taking after his Dad in the hygiene stakes. A quick shower is all that is needed, none of this bath business. So every bath has got the neighbours knocking on the door complaining of the screaming noises.

Charlie: "Now I don't think I'm going to enjoy this!"

Mum & Dad: "Now hold still and we'll get this over and done with"
Charlie: "Get stuffed!"

Relaxing with Daddy afterwards.......that's better!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mothers Day

Seeing as it was my first Mothers Day I wanted to treat Mum to a lovely day. Craig and I bought Mum some lovely flowers, a photo frame with our picture in it and some chocolates.

It was also Great Nanny Inger's birthday so we went on Skype and had a lovely video chat. This was the first proper time we got to see each other and I can't wait to meet her. She looks lovely and Daddy has told me many stories about her.

We all went round to Nanny's house and Grandad Joe made everyone a nice big lunch. Then we all went to the pub for a few drinks to relax. I got a bit grizzly so Daddy picked me up to calm me down. That brought all the ladies over "ooh-ing" and "ah-ing". Dad told me to keep away from the ladies because they'll nick all your money but I don't know what that means or have any money, so I ignored him on that one!

Hope all the Mummy's had a nice day and I can't wait until next year so I can give Mummy proper cuddles.

I think Nanny Ann was telling me a story....... :o)

Auntie Catriona, Mummy and Big Brother Craig pose for the camera

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

St Patrick's Day

Tuesday 17th March is St Patrick's Day and it's marked by a Bank Holiday day off over here (take note Gordon Brown!!!! St George's Day needs to be made a bank holiday too!) We all headed down to the village and spent the afternoon in the pub - where else?

Charlie was given a "Irish Superhero" t-shirt as a gift and so we dressed him up in it and headed out for the day. Somehow Suzanne convinced me to wear a green top and there were Irish tricolours everywhere, these guys really do take their patriotism to a new level and everyone gets together to celebrate.

Nanny Ann looks after the sleeping Charlie

Still sleeping in Uncle Rob's arms

Daddy joins in the fun

You can see where he gets his cuteness from! ;o)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Come on you Spurs!

Well the first thing a proud footballing supporting Dad has to do is make sure his son follows the right team! So at the grand age of 8 days old, Daddy signed Charlie up for the Spurs Dribbler membership. And much to my delight the membership pack turned up tonight!!!! Charlie is officially a Spur and will be accompanying me to many games in the future!


A walk in the park!

No, this entry isn't about how easy it is to look after little Charlie, but our first walk out with the buggy.

Suzanne & I, got Charlie dressed up nice and warm and walked through the park to pick Craig up from school. Charlie took it all in his stride as per usual as he slept for the whole journey, there and back!

Charlie wrapped up nice and snug

Obi came along too and decided to throw himself into the river and ran around like a mad dog. And Craig somehow managed to convince me to carry his bag so he could play football. We all had a go at pushing the buggy then went home for a nice cup of tea! Happy days!

Obi loves the water!

Suzanne poses as the proud Mummy

Daddy enjoying the sunshine

Big bro Craig helps out

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mum & Dad

I've talked about the rest of the family so now I think I need to say a big hello to my Mum & Dad.

Mum was so good to me when I was in her belly, keeping me nice and warm. She's now cuddling me every two minutes whether I'm sleeping or not but I love her to bits and look forward to when I'm older so I can cuddle her back.

Dad likes to try and quiet me down when I cry (he says it's because he's looking after me but I know it's because he wants to watch the football in peace!) but in general tries his best.

Here's a few pics of me with my Mum & Dad to make you say "awwww"!

This is Dad carrying me out of the hospital to drive me home

This is Dad taking me out to pick Grandad Bill up from the airport

Me in an adorable pose

Mum feeding me my first bottle

I eventually opened my eyes to the world

Mum was tired but I was still hungry

Me chilling with my Daddy

Dad's a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to food, he thinks he can fob me off with his thumb! No such luck!

My Mum kept me safe in hospital by giving me lots of cuddles

Hello World

Well here I am, nearly a week old and making my first post on my blog. Well when I say my blog I mean the family blog but we all know that you're only reading this to find out about me! :)

It's been a very busy week as I've tried to adapt to this crazy world. Life was so easy inside mummy's belly and but they've forced me out after nine warm months to fend for myself. Now don't get me wrong, the old'uns have tried to help me through but as you know yourself, if you want something done do it yourself!

All the girls in the hospital were nice and helped Mum & Dad to find the best way to feed and change me and generally make sure I'm ok. The family took every opportunity over the two days to come and visit me and they've also been very nice to me since I've been home.

So far I've met Nanny Sue & Grandad Grumps (or Bill as others call him)

Nanny Ann & Grandad Joe

Auntie Catriona

Uncle Rob & Auntie Teresa

Uncle Joseph

and my favourite of big brother Craig!

Please keep checking back to see how I'm getting on and I can't wait to meet everyone else.

See you soon. x

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well here we are.....finally we can welcome our new baby boy home!

Charlie Arthur Nisbet was born at 10.19am on Tuesday 3rd March 2009 with a healthy weight of 8lb 6oz.

Suzanne went in to labour Tuesday morning and Charlie arrived within an hour and twenty minutes of being admitted to hospital. Charlie is feeding fine now after a slow start and our new family arrived home at 12.30pm today.

Here's a little pic to start off with, but believe me, there are loads to come!

Charlie Arthur Nisbet