How old is Charlie?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nanny & Grumps come to visit

This week we had a lovely visit from Nanny Sue, this time Grandad Bill came too. It was so good to see them again, and as usual they had lots of goodies in tow!! This time, I was actually able to see them and I reckon I'm a lucky little boy to have such nice grandparents..... They gave me plenty of cuddles and even Grandad grumps couldn't resist a few squeezes!!

Daddy borrowed his mini bus from work and we all drove out to the sea side for the day - The sun shone and a great day was had by all, Obi came too! Nanny, Mummy and I strolled along the pavement while Daddy, Grandad, Craig, Uncle Joseph and Obi played football on the beach. After a long walk, we went to a games arcade where Nanny won 6, yes, SIX teddie bears!! I got to keep 4 and Craig and Joesph got one each...... After all that hard work, everyone had yummy fish and chips, except me, I stuck with my trusty bottle of milk - DELICIOUS!

On our way to the seaside

Family Pic

Nanny won all these cuddly toys!!!!!

Nanny & Grandad took great care of me

Craig & Joseph kept putting money in all the machines and they made loud noises! Not my idea of fun!

Lucky Joseph can't drive a real car as he kept crashing! For once I was happy that Daddy was driving us home

We also had a big family get together while Nanny and Grandad were here - Nanny Ann, Grandad Joe, Mum & Dad, Craig, Uncle Joseph, Uncle Rob & Aunt Teresa, Ella, Auntie Catriona, Uncle Ross and I went to the Green Isle for dinner - We had a delicious meal and it was lovely to have most of my family in the same place. Everyone chatted till the wee hours and made preparations for my Christening.....

I love my Mummy

I'm such a handsome boy aren't I?!

Ella thought Grandad Bill would like some of her lip gloss and proceeded to apply it, much to everyone's amusement!!!

We all had so much fun and I can't wait until the christening so I can see all the English relatives and friends together with my Irish family and friends.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Nanny and Great Nanny come to visit

Last weekend Nanny Sue and Great Nanny Inger came to visit Charlie. For Great Nanny Inger it was the first time that she had met Charlie so we were all really excited.

They arrived on Saturday morning and we headed back to ours for some lunch and a nice relaxing day. Both nanny's told lots of stories about the "olden days" and we all took lots of photos.

The new nanny gets a nice cuddle with Charlie

Charlie listens in to Nanny's stories

The nanny's can't take their eyes off of the baby boy

Sunday we went to Nanny Ann's house for a lovely roast dinner and then it was time for the Nanny's to leave and head back to England. They could not stop saying how much fun they'd had and how lovely little Charlie was. It was a pleasure to have them over and we can't wait for them to visit again.

Great Nanny is very proud of baby Charlie

Charlie, Nanny Sue, Great Nanny Inger and Daddy

Thanks for all the presents as well, Charlie really is a spoilt little boy!!!! :o)