How old is Charlie?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

How a boy can change....

We have taken so many photos over the first four months of Charlie's life and really find it hard to pick out our here are some of the best, that show how much he's changed in such a short space of time.

The Christening and Engagement

Charlie was christened on May 3rd 2009 in The Church of the Immaculate Conception in Clondalkin, Dublin. It was a very special day for all the family and friends that joined us. Many of my friends and family from England flew over and stayed for the weekend and we all celebrated with a few drinks.

We would really like to thank everyone again for the amazing and thoughtful gifts that we received. They are proudly decorating our home and Charlie's bedroom.

On the same day we decided to celebrate our engagement as well! We couldn't steal the limelight from our little boy too much so we waited until he was asleep and relaxed with a few glasses (or bottles maybe) of bubbly.

Charlie on the way to the church

The proud parents and baby Charlie (No he's not wearing a dress, it's a christening gown!)

Daddy and Charlie pose for another photo

"How many more photos do we have to pose for?"

The lovely banners that Emmet printed for us really brightened up the room

Godmother and Auntie Catriona

Mummy was so excited about cutting the cake that she didn't even wait for Daddy

Daddy trying to be funny with a speech

Mum & Dad having a romantic moment to celebrate their engagement

The happy family!

We had to drag Nan off the dance floor after a few complaints that she was showing the other girls up!

Even Grandad Grumps made an effort to enjoy himself

Mum really let her hair down and was so drunk that she didn't realise that someone had stolen her shoes

Late on into the celebrations

Somehow Charlie managed to sleep through the music and looked gorgeous